new institution – new art works

DIAS has a different and sometimes challenging art space – a space that requires special attention and often site specific solutions. We are working and installing digital art in a real life setting, and have to consider the flow between art and urban life. This is one reason, why DIAS has a high rate of new commissions. The other reason is, that we aim at development, artistic innovation and simply would like to boost the field of digital art in a danish and international context – we love the fact, that something new and exciting always happens when artist, idea, art space and curatorial practices meet.

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Web art space
Besides our physical art space, we see the web as an important platform. In short, we hope to generate new artistic meaning and importance online. Below you will find works that either have been commissioned for the web, or pieces that have been made for a physical context – performance, project, exhibition etc. – but form the beginning have been conceived with consideration to a later online-context.

Stay tuned to experience:
Mikkel Meyer (dk)
Sound Treasures, 2014

A double sound art piece based on sound material collected in Vallensbæk via the participation of the citizens.

Digital composion, 3:36 min

Digital composion, 5:32 min